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Arrow keys move
A apply skill
C chat with someone
D drop item
E eat item
F fire ranged weapon
J jump
K kick something
L look
M message log
O open/close door
P pick up item
, (comma) pick up item (extended)
Q quaff potion
R read book or scroll
S search area
T throw/shoot missile
U use item
V view statistics
W wield weapon/wear armor
X exit area/climb staircase
_ (underscore) pray for divine aid
Z cast spell
? help
= = load game
- = save game
@ view quests
( zoom map in
) zoom map out

Tyrant is a game of heroic adventure, where you pit your wits and cunning against a fearsome array of monsters and fiendish puzzle in your attempt to gain fame and fortune. It was made in the tradition of classic RPG games such as Rogue, Nethack, Angband, and ADOM.

Starting a Game
Choose "a" to create a new character. Then select your race. Select your profession. Finally, enter your name. Use the arrow keys to move and start your adventure!

Editing a Level
Press "e" at the main screen to create your own levels! Click on the "tiles" and "things" on the right and then click on the black square to draw them. Choose File->Save Map when you are finished.