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Miscellaneous Games

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Frozen Bubble 1. Frozen Bubble Shoot all the balls down before they crush you.avg user rating: 3.28/5.00 (485 votes)
Javanoid 2 2. Javanoid 2 The sequel to Javanoid.avg user rating: 2.88/5.00 (338 votes)
Javanoid 3. Javanoid A very nice Breakout/Arkanoid clone.avg user rating: 2.52/5.00 (211 votes)
Barfman 4. Barfman Hilarious, disgusting hangman with Monty Python.avg user rating: 2.51/5.00 (228 votes)
Penguin Arcade 5. Penguin Arcade Shoot the penguins off the ice.avg user rating: 2.51/5.00 (220 votes)
Graffiti Wall 6. Graffiti Wall Write whatever you want on the wall.avg user rating: 2.31/5.00 (234 votes)
Tyrant 7. Tyrant An RPG adventure game like Rogue.avg user rating: 2.29/5.00 (202 votes)
Broomsticks 8. Broomsticks A fun game that mimics Quidditch from Harry Potter.avg user rating: 2.21/5.00 (257 votes)