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Sonic 1. Sonic An amazing Sonic the Hedgehog clone!avg user rating: 3.60/5.00 (1036 votes)
Combat Instinct 3 2. Combat Instinct 3 The last and best of the Combat Instinct series!avg user rating: 3.36/5.00 (526 votes)
X Men vs. Street Fighter 3. X Men vs. Street Fighter The ultimate online multiplayer experience!avg user rating: 3.35/5.00 (521 votes)
Frozen Bubble 4. Frozen Bubble Shoot all the balls down before they crush you.avg user rating: 3.31/5.00 (471 votes)
Pool 5. Pool Play your favorite styles of pool.avg user rating: 3.20/5.00 (391 votes)
Mario 6. Mario Super Mario clone.avg user rating: 3.09/5.00 (509 votes)
Mahjong 7. Mahjong The classic tile game.avg user rating: 2.91/5.00 (311 votes)
Javanoid 2 8. Javanoid 2 The sequel to Javanoid.avg user rating: 2.91/5.00 (326 votes)
Combat Instinct 2 9. Combat Instinct 2 The sequel to the very popular Combat Instinct.avg user rating: 2.85/5.00 (308 votes)
Combat Instinct 10. Combat Instinct The Flash game that started it all!avg user rating: 2.83/5.00 (302 votes)
Tetris 11. Tetris The arcade classic!avg user rating: 2.83/5.00 (323 votes)
Chess 12. Chess Play chess against the computer.avg user rating: 2.77/5.00 (251 votes)
Sheep Dog 13. Sheep Dog Use the dog to herd the sheep in this wacky game!avg user rating: 2.73/5.00 (226 votes)
Basketball 14. Basketball Bounce the basketball around until you make a basket.avg user rating: 2.72/5.00 (279 votes)
Web Soccer 15. Web Soccer The best online soccer game on the web.avg user rating: 2.70/5.00 (256 votes)
3D Driver 16. 3D Driver Drive around in this racing simulator.avg user rating: 2.68/5.00 (314 votes)
MaxMerge 17. MaxMerge Eliminate all the balls by clicking on the matching groups.avg user rating: 2.67/5.00 (237 votes)
Duck Hunt 18. Duck Hunt Just like the original Nintendo game.avg user rating: 2.67/5.00 (248 votes)
Sniper 19. Sniper Learn how to shoot at sniper school.avg user rating: 2.66/5.00 (243 votes)
Contra 20. Contra An excellent Contra clone.avg user rating: 2.66/5.00 (229 votes)
Rush Hour 21. Rush Hour Try to move the cars out of the way.avg user rating: 2.63/5.00 (225 votes)
Asteroids 22. Asteroids Just like the original arcade game!avg user rating: 2.61/5.00 (198 votes)
Lode Runner 23. Lode Runner Collect all the gold and kill the monks.avg user rating: 2.60/5.00 (197 votes)
GemGame 24. GemGame A Bejeweled clone.avg user rating: 2.60/5.00 (220 votes)
3D Net Blazer 25. 3D Net Blazer See how many shots you can make in a row.avg user rating: 2.58/5.00 (241 votes)
Penguin Arcade 26. Penguin Arcade Shoot the penguins off the ice.avg user rating: 2.57/5.00 (210 votes)
Javanoid 27. Javanoid A very nice Breakout/Arkanoid clone.avg user rating: 2.56/5.00 (201 votes)
Barfman 28. Barfman Hilarious, disgusting hangman with Monty Python.avg user rating: 2.56/5.00 (217 votes)
Sudoku 29. Sudoku Just like the newspaper versions!avg user rating: 2.55/5.00 (186 votes)
Pong 30. Pong The classic Pong game.avg user rating: 2.52/5.00 (190 votes)
Pacman 31. Pacman The best online version of the arcade classic.avg user rating: 2.51/5.00 (202 votes)
Solitaire 32. Solitaire A solitaire game with many options.avg user rating: 2.51/5.00 (183 votes)
Concrete Dreams 33. Concrete Dreams Race other cars around various tracks.avg user rating: 2.47/5.00 (206 votes)
Udder Insanity 34. Udder Insanity Milk the cows before they explode!avg user rating: 2.46/5.00 (208 votes)
Concentration 35. Concentration Try to match the cards with the same pictures.avg user rating: 2.44/5.00 (173 votes)
Othello 36. Othello Based on the board game.avg user rating: 2.44/5.00 (174 votes)
Bunny Blaster 37. Bunny Blaster Shoot the bunnies before they get the carrots.avg user rating: 2.43/5.00 (195 votes)
Word Search 38. Word Search Find all the words in the puzzle.avg user rating: 2.43/5.00 (167 votes)
Frogger 39. Frogger The classic Frogger arcade game.avg user rating: 2.42/5.00 (182 votes)
Mumbo Jumbo 40. Mumbo Jumbo Try to form as many words as you can in this word scramble.avg user rating: 2.40/5.00 (181 votes)
Atari Castles 41. Atari Castles Similar to the classic Tanks game.avg user rating: 2.40/5.00 (174 votes)
3-D Tennis 42. 3-D Tennis A very old-school Java game.avg user rating: 2.40/5.00 (181 votes)
Iceblox 43. Iceblox Help Pixel Pete collect coins and escape unharmed.avg user rating: 2.40/5.00 (166 votes)
3D Tic Tac Toe 44. 3D Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe in 3 Dimensions.avg user rating: 2.38/5.00 (154 votes)
Armada 45. Armada A clone of the classic Battleship game.avg user rating: 2.38/5.00 (166 votes)
Poker 46. Poker Play Poker against the computer.avg user rating: 2.37/5.00 (182 votes)
Graffiti Wall 47. Graffiti Wall Write whatever you want on the wall.avg user rating: 2.37/5.00 (224 votes)
Ballz! 48. Ballz! Try to match up the balls and eliminate them.avg user rating: 2.35/5.00 (167 votes)
Missile Commando II 49. Missile Commando II Shoot the missiles before they can destroy your town.avg user rating: 2.35/5.00 (185 votes)
Lunar Lander 50. Lunar Lander Try to safely land on the moon with your spaceship.avg user rating: 2.34/5.00 (168 votes)
Tyrant 51. Tyrant An RPG adventure game like Rogue.avg user rating: 2.34/5.00 (189 votes)
Baseball 52. Baseball Step up and take a swing at it.avg user rating: 2.34/5.00 (202 votes)
Cutie Quake 53. Cutie Quake A Quake clone written in Flash.avg user rating: 2.33/5.00 (198 votes)
Rich Diamond Lite 54. Rich Diamond Lite An interesting maze/adventure game.avg user rating: 2.33/5.00 (163 votes)
Freecell 55. Freecell Play Freecell against the computer.avg user rating: 2.33/5.00 (160 votes)
Alien Invasion 56. Alien Invasion Stop the aliens before they invade.avg user rating: 2.33/5.00 (173 votes)
Scared 57. Scared A 3D Quake clone.avg user rating: 2.32/5.00 (165 votes)
Pinball 58. Pinball A basic pinball game.avg user rating: 2.32/5.00 (190 votes)
Mastermind 59. Mastermind Match the pegs just like the board game.avg user rating: 2.32/5.00 (158 votes)
Joggle 60. Joggle Find words like in the board game.avg user rating: 2.31/5.00 (156 votes)
Matches 61. Matches Can you make the computer take the last match?avg user rating: 2.31/5.00 (154 votes)
Bridges 62. Bridges Try to connect the bridge before the computer does.avg user rating: 2.31/5.00 (154 votes)
Shooting Gallery 63. Shooting Gallery Shoot all the ducks as they move across the screen.avg user rating: 2.30/5.00 (172 votes)
StarWar 64. StarWar Shoot the falling stars with your laser.avg user rating: 2.30/5.00 (189 votes)
Simon 65. Simon Repeat the light pattern as long as you can.avg user rating: 2.30/5.00 (163 votes)
Connect 4 66. Connect 4 Play Connect 4 against the computer.avg user rating: 2.30/5.00 (161 votes)
World Wide Worms 67. World Wide Worms A Snake/Nibbles clone.avg user rating: 2.30/5.00 (155 votes)
3D JAsteroids 68. 3D JAsteroids Like Asteroids, but 3D!avg user rating: 2.29/5.00 (156 votes)
Black Jack 69. Black Jack Play Black Jack against the computer.avg user rating: 2.29/5.00 (162 votes)
Risky Planet 70. Risky Planet A RTS game in Java.avg user rating: 2.28/5.00 (159 votes)
Virtual Cube 71. Virtual Cube Solve the Rubik's cube.avg user rating: 2.28/5.00 (163 votes)
Tux on the Run 72. Tux on the Run A Mario clone with the Linux penguin.avg user rating: 2.27/5.00 (155 votes)
3D Blox 73. 3D Blox Help Pixel Pete collect the golden coins and find the exit.avg user rating: 2.27/5.00 (174 votes)
Lightz Out 74. Lightz Out Try to make all the lights on the board light up.avg user rating: 2.27/5.00 (157 votes)
Linx Golf 75. Linx Golf A comprehensive golf game.avg user rating: 2.25/5.00 (169 votes)
Ladderman 76. Ladderman A fun Mario clone.avg user rating: 2.25/5.00 (174 votes)
CanoeClobber 77. CanoeClobber Navigate down the river in this unique game.avg user rating: 2.24/5.00 (158 votes)
Tail Gunner 78. Tail Gunner Defend your ship in this 3D game.avg user rating: 2.24/5.00 (155 votes)
Space Masters 79. Space Masters Race other ships through space.avg user rating: 2.24/5.00 (147 votes)
Tron 80. Tron The arcade classic based off the movie.avg user rating: 2.23/5.00 (170 votes)
Eliminator 81. Eliminator Eliminate all the balls.avg user rating: 2.23/5.00 (157 votes)
Pengo 82. Pengo Smash the bad guys with blocks in a maze.avg user rating: 2.23/5.00 (154 votes)
Broomsticks 83. Broomsticks A fun game that mimics Quidditch from Harry Potter.avg user rating: 2.22/5.00 (243 votes)
Minesweeper 84. Minesweeper Everyone's favorite time-waster.avg user rating: 2.21/5.00 (147 votes)
Checkers 85. Checkers Play checkers against the computer.avg user rating: 2.21/5.00 (152 votes)
Real Invaders 86. Real Invaders Shoot the enemy aliens.avg user rating: 2.21/5.00 (157 votes)
Sokoban 87. Sokoban Put all the objects in their place.avg user rating: 2.21/5.00 (148 votes)
Slide 88. Slide Try to eliminate all the dice by matching them.avg user rating: 2.20/5.00 (148 votes)
UFO Attack 89. UFO Attack Shoot the UFOs before they can land.avg user rating: 2.20/5.00 (154 votes)
Tempest 1000 90. Tempest 1000 A clone of the classic Tempest 1000 arcade game.avg user rating: 2.19/5.00 (151 votes)
Absolute 91. Absolute Another spaceship game with good graphics.avg user rating: 2.19/5.00 (166 votes)
Torpedo Alley 92. Torpedo Alley Destroy the enemy ships with your torpedoes.avg user rating: 2.18/5.00 (165 votes)
AirJaguar 93. AirJaguar Modeled after the 8-bit shooters of the 80's!avg user rating: 2.18/5.00 (173 votes)
Shoot 94. Shoot Shoot down the targets as they pop up.avg user rating: 2.17/5.00 (156 votes)
PanneRotto! 95. PanneRotto! Play PanneRotto!avg user rating: 2.16/5.00 (155 votes)
Warp 1.5 96. Warp 1.5 The sequel to Warp is even better than the original!avg user rating: 2.14/5.00 (145 votes)
Defender of the Moon 97. Defender of the Moon Shoot the enemy spacecraft to defend the moon.avg user rating: 2.12/5.00 (156 votes)
Siji 98. Siji Siji means "one" in Javanesse.avg user rating: 2.11/5.00 (136 votes)
Warp 99. Warp Fly around in your spaceship and shoot the enemies.avg user rating: 2.07/5.00 (167 votes)
Don's Dugout 100. Don's Dugout Dig through the dirt and defeat the bad guys.avg user rating: 1.89/5.00 (152 votes)