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3D Blox 1. 3D Blox Help Pixel Pete collect the golden coins and find the exit.avg user rating: 2.43/5.00 (117 votes)
3D JAsteroids 2. 3D JAsteroids Like Asteroids, but 3D!avg user rating: 2.43/5.00 (100 votes)
Absolute 3. Absolute Another spaceship game with good graphics.avg user rating: 2.34/5.00 (108 votes)
AirJaguar 4. AirJaguar Modeled after the 8-bit shooters of the 80's!avg user rating: 2.39/5.00 (120 votes)
Alien Invasion 5. Alien Invasion Stop the aliens before they invade.avg user rating: 2.55/5.00 (119 votes)
Armada 6. Armada A clone of the classic Battleship game.avg user rating: 2.58/5.00 (109 votes)
Asteroids 7. Asteroids Just like the original arcade game!avg user rating: 2.90/5.00 (146 votes)
Bunny Blaster 8. Bunny Blaster Shoot the bunnies before they get the carrots.avg user rating: 2.59/5.00 (135 votes)
Combat Instinct 9. Combat Instinct The Flash game that started it all!avg user rating: 3.08/5.00 (239 votes)
Combat Instinct 2 10. Combat Instinct 2 The sequel to the very popular Combat Instinct.avg user rating: 3.07/5.00 (245 votes)
Combat Instinct 3 11. Combat Instinct 3 The last and best of the Combat Instinct series!avg user rating: 3.52/5.00 (461 votes)
Contra 12. Contra An excellent Contra clone.avg user rating: 2.90/5.00 (177 votes)
Cutie Quake 13. Cutie Quake A Quake clone written in Flash.avg user rating: 2.64/5.00 (134 votes)
Defender of the Moon 14. Defender of the Moon Shoot the enemy spacecraft to defend the moon.avg user rating: 2.37/5.00 (104 votes)
Don's Dugout 15. Don's Dugout Dig through the dirt and defeat the bad guys.avg user rating: 2.00/5.00 (98 votes)
Duck Hunt 16. Duck Hunt Just like the original Nintendo game.avg user rating: 2.92/5.00 (195 votes)
Iceblox 17. Iceblox Help Pixel Pete collect coins and escape unharmed.avg user rating: 2.72/5.00 (116 votes)
Ladderman 18. Ladderman A fun Mario clone.avg user rating: 2.46/5.00 (118 votes)
Lunar Lander 19. Lunar Lander Try to safely land on the moon with your spaceship.avg user rating: 2.55/5.00 (112 votes)
Mario 20. Mario Super Mario clone.avg user rating: 3.23/5.00 (438 votes)
Missile Commando II 21. Missile Commando II Shoot the missiles before they can destroy your town.avg user rating: 2.57/5.00 (132 votes)
Pengo 22. Pengo Smash the bad guys with blocks in a maze.avg user rating: 2.45/5.00 (103 votes)
Real Invaders 23. Real Invaders Shoot the enemy aliens.avg user rating: 2.47/5.00 (106 votes)
Scared 24. Scared A 3D Quake clone.avg user rating: 2.57/5.00 (113 votes)
Shoot 25. Shoot Shoot down the targets as they pop up.avg user rating: 2.38/5.00 (108 votes)
Shooting Gallery 26. Shooting Gallery Shoot all the ducks as they move across the screen.avg user rating: 2.52/5.00 (124 votes)
Sniper 27. Sniper Learn how to shoot at sniper school.avg user rating: 2.88/5.00 (193 votes)
Sonic 28. Sonic An amazing Sonic the Hedgehog clone!avg user rating: 3.74/5.00 (964 votes)
Space Masters 29. Space Masters Race other ships through space.avg user rating: 2.48/5.00 (99 votes)
StarWar 30. StarWar Shoot the falling stars with your laser.avg user rating: 2.58/5.00 (133 votes)
Tail Gunner 31. Tail Gunner Defend your ship in this 3D game.avg user rating: 2.42/5.00 (105 votes)
Tempest 1000 32. Tempest 1000 A clone of the classic Tempest 1000 arcade game.avg user rating: 2.34/5.00 (99 votes)
Torpedo Alley 33. Torpedo Alley Destroy the enemy ships with your torpedoes.avg user rating: 2.45/5.00 (120 votes)
Tux on the Run 34. Tux on the Run A Mario clone with the Linux penguin.avg user rating: 2.57/5.00 (108 votes)
UFO Attack 35. UFO Attack Shoot the UFOs before they can land.avg user rating: 2.52/5.00 (103 votes)
Udder Insanity 36. Udder Insanity Milk the cows before they explode!avg user rating: 2.71/5.00 (150 votes)
Warp 37. Warp Fly around in your spaceship and shoot the enemies.avg user rating: 2.32/5.00 (117 votes)
Warp 1.5 38. Warp 1.5 The sequel to Warp is even better than the original!avg user rating: 2.50/5.00 (98 votes)
X Men vs. Street Fighter 39. X Men vs. Street Fighter The ultimate online multiplayer experience!avg user rating: 3.53/5.00 (454 votes)